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Truancy Policy

School Attendance

School success starts with showing up to class every day. There is strong evidence that supports this statement according to KCKPS data records. Daily attendance leads to building communication skills, forming lasting relationships with peers, experiencing innovative practices and activities, participating in after-school activities and building confidence and self-esteem.

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What is truancy? Truancy is the act of missing school without permission, often repeatedly.

Truancy Diversion Program

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Truancy Diversion Program (TDP) is intended to raise awareness of the importance of daily attendance and to help students maintain or improve school attendance.

This program is a partnership with the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office, licensed social workers and truancy monitors. This partnership is designed to combat the barriers that lead to poor attendance.

The TDP serves students Pre-K through grade 12 and is based on the Kansas Compulsory Law. Kansas Compulsory Law requires every child who is enrolled in school and/or has reached the age of seven years and is under the age of 18 attended school, unless excused in accordance with provisions of Kansas Law (K.S.A. 72-1113).

Truancy Criteria – Kansas Compulsory Law

He/she is required by law to attend school and is not enrolled.

He/she is truant from school if he/she is absent without a valid excuse for:

  • 3 consecutive days
  • 5 days in a school semester
  • 7 days in a school year
  • 7 tardies = 1 unexcused absence