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For those who stopped by the College Fair Day at Legends Field earlier this month, you may have noticed something. Coordinators and volunteers alike all wore a very cool-looking T-shirts at the event. 

The t-shirt was the creation of J.C. Harmon student Bertha Fornelis. The sophomore is studying Marketing and loves computers and technology. She believes her love for marketing is what helped her come up with the concept for the design.

Fornelis learned about the assignment in her Marketing class taught by Business Teacher Connie Rohus. Miss Rohus recalls sitting in a district meeting earlier in the school year when Assistant Director of Diploma+ Lisa Martinez said that the College Fair Day needed a t-shirt to help commemorate the event.

Rohus gleefully said that her students could do it. She then assigned the project to her students in her Principles of Marketing class. Rohus only gave a few guidelines of how the t-shirt should look, and her students took it from there.

“Students can be so creative, and every one of them thinks differently,” said Rohus. After all the submissions were turned in, members of Diploma+ selected the design by Fornelis. 

“She deserves a lot of credit; she did a beautiful job. It’s very balanced, it has good color, and it has a very good message on it,” Rohus said.

Great job by Bertha Fornelis. 

First page of the PDF file: Tshirt_Bertha1_1



First page of the PDF file: Tshirt_Bertha2